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Realme X3 SuperZoom: a ‘smartphone’ that promises to photographers



realme x3

This Tuesday, in its first global launch, to be held on the continent, the Chinese manufacturer has presented its 2020 4G flagship: the Realme X3 SuperZoom. Or, as Realme has decided to name it, “the smartphone for night photography.” 

With this terminal, which stands out for its strong commitment to photography and zoom of up to 60x, the manufacturer wants to captivate young users. The most powerful version, which has 12 GB of RAM and 256 GB of storage, costs 499 euros. The pre-purchase is already open although the smartphone will go on sale from June 4.

Realme X3 SuperZoom: a 'smartphone' that promises to photographers

The design of the Realme X3 SuperZoom, available in ice blue and arctic white, is reminiscent of that of the manufacturer’s previous terminals. It happens to Realme X2 Pro. “In Europe, with the Realme X2 Pro we turned the market upside down, ” said Paul Brown, product manager for Realme Europe. This smartphone, as explained in a virtual presentation without audience or applause, has become one of the company’s best sellers.
With the global launch of the Realme X3 SuperZoom in Europe, the manufacturer aims to show commitment to this market, where it wants to conquer the mid-range. Specifically, in Spain it pursues very ambitious goals. Emilio Álvarez, country manager, explained to this newspaper that, “despite the decline in global sales of smartphones ”, the brand aims to reach the top 3 in Spain.
For this, the company has reinforced its commitment to photography. The X3 SuperZoom is equipped with a dual front camera — an 8-megapixel ultra-wide-angle and a 32-megapixel primary – and with four rear cameras — a 64-megapixel primary sensor, an eight-ultra-wide-angle, eight-telephoto, and a two-megapixel macro lens. The terminal has a 5x optical zoom and a 60x hybrid zoom. In this way, according to Brown, the user can take “clear images of the buildings within 15 kilometers.”

Night photos

The manufacturer wants your mobile to be the chosen one to take night photos. For this, it has a constellation model. Users can take more than 10 long exposure photos in 32 seconds with one touch. The terminal then combines them using artificial intelligence to reproduce every detail of the starry night. Brown has assured that it is possible to photograph the Milky Way and different constellations. Can you see the brightest star in the sky? It’s Jupiter, “said Brown while showing a photograph of a starry sky.
The device has the Snapdragon 855+ processor, Qualcomm’s most powerful model until the end of 2019. It has 6, 8, or 12 GB of RAM and 64, 128, or 256 GB of storage. The smartphone battery is 4200 mAh. It has a 30W fast charge, with which it is possible to fully charge it in 55 minutes, according to Brown. Realme has also opted for a liquid cooling system to reduce the temperature of the phone.
In addition, the refresh rate of the 6.57-inch LCD screen is 120 Hz – compared to the 60Hz that most of the terminals on the market tend to have. This refers to the number of times the screen updates the image it displays per second. The higher it is, although it consumes more battery, the animations are perceived as more realistically and the movements between different screens or applications are more fluid.

Wireless earphones and smart wristbands

In addition to the smartphone, Realme has also introduced other devices. Among them, wireless headphones, the Realme Buds Air Neo. “Neo means new style,” said Brown after mentioning the previous version of these headphones. Like other options on the market, like Samsung’s Galaxy Buds +They have a touch surface that allows you to control the smartphone with light touches. For example, you can answer calls, pause music, or skip a song. The manufacturer boasts about 17 hours of playback between charge and charge and the low latency of these headphones in order to avoid any desynchronization between sound and image – something especially useful for gamers. The headphones will go on sale on June 23 with a price of 39.99 euros
Lindahl Watch is the first r smart Eloj of the manufacturer. It costs 54.99 euros and will go on sale on June 23. It has a color screen and is designed to monitor the health of users: for example, heart rate or blood oxygen level. It also has an accurate step counter, a sedentary or drinking water reminder, and meditation exercises. His Realme Band smart bracelet will be available on June 23 for 24.99 euros. In addition to monitoring movement and heart rate, it analyzes the quality of sleep and offers the user nine different training modes for walking, running, or doing yoga.

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Tik Tokers now moving towards Desi alternatives



tik tok banned

The job of two thousand Indians has been endangered due to the ban of Chinese app Tik Tok. Tik Tok‘s developer BiteDance in India employs about 2000-2200 people. At the same time, there are many Tik Tok stars, who earn millions from a video through this short video platform. However, Tik Tok has assured that some conclusions will be drawn soon after talking to the government. Let us know that India is one of the strong markets of Tik Tok. According to a report, Tik Tok had about 11.9 million users in the country.

An employee of Tik Tok told that we have been working in Tik Tok for years. Now there is a fear of leaving the job. However, no information has been given by the company on this.

What will the stars of Ticktock do now?

The stars of Tik Tok are now moving to apps like homegrown video platform Roposo (ROPOSO) and Spark. Naveen Tiwari, founder of Roposo and CEO of InMobi Group, told Mani Bhaskar that there has been a steady increase in the number of users on our platform Roposo since the India-China dispute. In the last 10 days, many big stars of Tik Tok have joined our app. These include Tik Tok stars such as Varun Soni (2.8M followers on ticket), Payal Kohli (2.1M followers on ticket), Ulhas Kamhate (6.8M followers on ticket), Ansari Zeeshan (1.2M followers on ticket) . The company said that we Tik Tok stars who have good content will give them a chance to do a talent show on their platform. They can earn from here. Let us know that Roposo is an Indian app and it is considered to be the biggest Rival of Tik Tok.

Brands are also moving towards homegrown apps

At the same time, a brand expert said that some big brands will now sponsor the native app. Of these, 5 big brands have talked to Roposo and 2 brands have talked to Spark. These brands have deals with Tiktok Stars which will now be sponsored through other platforms.

The stars left the job due to earning huge amount on ticket

  • Used to earn up to 1 lakh by teaching English

Motivational speaker Awal TsMadaan teaches to speak English on a ticket. They make videos on how to speak Hindi words and sentences in English. The topper was 6 million (6 million) followers on the ticket.
Avwal told in a conversation with Mani Bhaskar that he has been associated with the Tik Tok app for the last one year. They have been sponsored by many big companies and for this they have received millions of rupees.
“Earlier I used to work in an international agency, but after getting a good response on ticketing, I quit the job and started giving full time on ticketing,” he says. Three times more money was available in a short video on Tik Tok. Awwal told that for this, companies look at your followers and content and then according to that, the company, agency, NGO related to it used to get their promotion done. Topper used to get ad from many educational apps and institutes.

  • Brands used to give Gunjan up to 80 thousand rupees for 1 minute ad

Gunjan, a resident of Delhi, used to make people aware of health through the Tik Tok video. Initially he did this job as an amateur, but later started getting contacts for ads on video, then Gunjan started working as a career in it. He told in the conversation that I used to work in a media agency now, but due to not getting time on the ticket, I had given the job design. Since then, the entire time was spent on ticketing to make videos for more and more companies. The company used to pay 20 to 30 thousand rupees for a video to Gunjan. According to Gunjan, he used to approach 4 to 5 companies every day to promote his product. She says’ Every company used to deal according to its budget. Small companies give 5 to 10 thousand rupees for an ad video, then Nike, Vivo, Brands like Oppo and Puma are willing to pay up to 80 thousand rupees for a 1-minute ad. ‘ Gunjan had over 3 million followers on the Tik Tok account.

The company will put its side before the government – Tik Tok

In a statement issued on Tuesday by Tik Tok India chief Nikhil Gandhi, it has been said that we have not given any information of any Indian Tik Tok user to the foreign government or the Chinese government. He has said that he has been called to meet the concerned government parties for clarification and reply on this issue.

Indian users have their data in centers in the US and Singapore

Sources in the company said that in such a situation Tik Tok will talk to the government about the data sharing of Indian users as the company is already working on the process of investigating options for safe and reliable services for Indian users. ByteDance is already planning to set up a data center in India.
According to a statement by ByteDance, since the launch of our platform in India, we have kept the data of our Indian users in the US and Singapore centers. Indian users’ data has nothing to do with Chinese servers.

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Snap Inc. will launch two smart sunglasses in India on July 4, these will be able to capture video-photos and upload them directly to Snapchat



Spectacles is available in 3 carbon, and mineral colors while Spectacles 2 is available in Onix Eclipse, Ruby Sunset and Sapphire Midnight Color.

  • The company will launch Snap Spectacles 2 and Spectacles 3 Sunglasses in India
  • Their starting price is 14999 rupees, they can be purchased from Flipkart.

Snap Inc., the company that makes Snapchat apps, will launch its smart sunglasses – Snap Spectacles 2 and Spectacles 3 in India on 4 July. The company has officially listed both the glasses on the Indian website. Snap Spectacles 2 will cost Rs 14,999 while Snap Spectacles 3 will cost Rs 29,999.

Can be purchased from flipkart

  • Both Snap Spectacles 2 and Snap Spectacles 3 can be purchased from Flipkart. They have also been listed on Flipkart with the price and the launch date of June 4. These smart glasses from Snap Inc. (formerly known as Snapchat) were launched in 2018 and 2019 respectively. The first specs were launched in November 2017 with limited availability, and in February 2017 it became available for sale online.

Will be charged in 75 minutes

  • The most important thing about the specs is that it is a built-in camera. With this camera, users will be able to capture photos and videos from the glasses itself and upload them directly to their Snapchat account. Users can easily sync the captured content with its iOS or Android app. It comes with 4 GB of storage, which can easily record 100 videos or 1200 photos. Eyeglass batteries can be charged with a USB Type-C cable in 75 minutes.

It has hd camera

  • Talking about the hardware, the company has added a secondary HD camera to Spectacles 3. It uses additional cameras to capture depth. The company also created several 3D effects to go along with the newly available depth data.

Sunglasses will be available in these colors

  • Spectacles is available in 3 carbon, and mineral colors while Spectacles 2 is available in Onix Eclipse, Ruby Sunset and Sapphire Midnight Color. Talking about the design, it is made of a lightweight steel frame with adjustable tips and tinted glass to protect the eyes from sunlight. Video or photo can be captured by pressing the button on its top.

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Amazon to acquire self-driving car startup Zoox, deal for Rs 7500 crore



Legendary e-commerce company Amazon will acquire self-driving startup Zoox. The deal has been done for 1 billion dollars i.e. about 7500 crores rupees. This has been said in a report. However, the deal may be officially announced on June 26.

Will help speed up delivery services

Amazon has been working towards accelerating and making its delivery services affordable for a long time. Through this deal, the company can get significant help in realizing its plan. However, sources familiar with the matter are not clear about whether Amazon will use the Zoox platform to create a fleet of self-driving delivery vehicles.

Zoox is working on zero emission vehicle technology

Zoox is headquartered in California. The company uses the latest automotive, robotics and renewable energy technology for zero emission vehicles. The report states that the company may face difficulties in raising fresh funding due to this acquisition. 

Investors can ask for their money back

According to the report, after this deal Zoox investors can demand their money back along with interest. Zoox is primarily invested by Lux Capital, DFJ and Atlassian.

Amazon is increasing investment in the car sector

Amazon has been increasing investment in the car sector for quite some time. Under this, Amazon invested $ 530 million in the self-driving car startup Aurora Innovation Inc last year for about Rs 4 thousand crore. 

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