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What is blogging? How To Start Earning From A Blog



What is blogging? Why are bloggers trusted? How to create your own blog, how to use a blog to make money online, how to make money from a blog – this is what this article will be about.

I will not go into details about how blogging appeared, what types of blogs exist, we are not in lectures. It is important for me to convey to you the idea of ​​how to use a blog to make money and why a blog will help you stay afloat in the face of any negative changes in the economy, politics …

What is blogging?  How To Start Earning From A Blog

What are Blog and Blogging

A blog is a regular journal, diary, but only in the public domain.

If you kept a diary at school, then it will not be difficult for you to keep your blog.

Blogging is a way to express yourself through your journal or diary.

Hear – Self-Expression!

You convey your thoughts, your vision of certain processes, through the text on your blog.

Even if you sell something, you do it through recommendations, through personal reviews.

You do not use jammed selling phrases, you try to convey information through the prism of your perception and understanding.

Through the blog you are not trying to sell, you are trying to make friends, gain trust!

You do not have to worry about how you write, how you express your thoughts – a blog is a personal journal that emphasizes your personality!

Blogging and social networks – which is better for business?

No need to choose what to use, just combine!

Social networks greatly help promote your content from the blog and reach more target audiences.

Why refuse an additional traffic channel?

You install social buttons on your blog so that readers can share your content on their pages on social networks, which will give you additional traffic.

Only now, social networks do not really like to show content for free, you have to pay.

And yet, a page in social networks can be banned for you, there is no blog.

When you have your own blog, you are the king and master!

Blog and Website – What to choose?

You already understand the difference – a site is a static page where content rarely changes.

Blogging is the constant addition of new articles!

When you write new articles, for different key queries you increase the reach of the audience from search engines.

Each article is like an independent sales manager.

More articles, more coverage!

That’s why most serious companies use the blog as an integral part of their site!

This is more traffic, more money!

Blogging and affiliate programs

Most people who want to make money on the Internet start with affiliate programs.

And this is understandable, there is a finished product, an established commission on the sale, ready-made advertising materials, just attract traffic and make money!

Only for some reason not everyone succeeds, most merge after two, three, months.

Do you know this?

And the reason is that there is no personality!

Thousands of people use the same banner, links, advertising texts, compete with each other and earn pennies, not even paying back the advertising costs.

And who is smarter, creates a blog, writes articles, makes reviews, thus attracts traffic to his blog and recommends useful products and services.

And that’s how affiliate product sales are made using the blog!

Most importantly, now you do not advertise affiliate products, you advertise your blog, making yourself recognizable, you become a Brand, an opinion leader!

Based on the blog, you can create your own marketing systems, update them and always be in trend.

How to create a blog from scratch in 60 minutes

Once I also started from scratch and I was very stressed out by the technical aspects.

Hosting, domain, WordPress, for me were abusive words)))

For a long time I could not decide to create a blog, and together with the crowd I spent money and attracted traffic to one company website, thinking that someone would definitely buy and go money.

There it was!

But the need knows how to force, and everything turned out to be not so scary and even very exciting.

And I have prepared a step-by-step guide for you on how to put together your blog in 60 minutes and set it up for earnings, use:

It’s nowhere easier, look and repeat, as in the first class!

You do not need to look for a hosting provider, look for where to buy a domain, how to connect a domain with a hosting, how to install your blog engine – you will find everything in one place, in one instruction.

There were still no dissatisfied!

Your Benefits of Blogging

First, you will learn how to create and customize your blog.

Secondly, you will learn how to write optimized articles and drive traffic.

Third, you will learn how to create blog-based marketing strategies.

You can sell all this knowledge!

This is not taught at universities.

A blog is YOUR business machine that will work for you day and night, attract traffic to you and convert it into money!

What any blog starts with

The most important thing is the theme of your blog.

You have to write about what you understand, the only way you can attract readers.

When you have decided on the topic, select a domain (name), as I did, first name, last name, som, so you create a brand of your name.

And choose a hosting – the necessary space on the Internet to store your blog.

You can find all these services on the Internet.

I recommend that you use ready-made instructions with all the tools to create your blog:

Blog Monetization Methods

As I said, the easiest way to monetize your blog is through affiliate programs.

You find affiliate programs on the subject of your blog and offer your readers.

Write articles, give a specific answer to the question:

  • How to do?
  • Where can I buy?
  • How to decide?
  • What to use?

and at the end recommend your affiliate service, product.

Is the idea clear?

You do not sell – you write an article and give a solution to a specific problem and recommend services that you need to use to get the desired result!

This is one method.

The second method is placing advertising banners with your affiliates.

The third method is pop-ups when leaving the blog, you offer your product, or a gift in exchange for a contact email and then make sales through letters, this is email marketing .

When your blog is promoted, you can earn on guest posting.

Foreign authors will be able to publish their articles on your blog, paying money for it.

You can create your own info products and sell them from your blog!

I won’t write about advertising, because everything is clear.


If you have serious intentions to make money on the Internet, you are committed to a long and productive activity, then Blog is a must-have tool for business development.

A blog will be your business!

Stand out from the crowd, build your reputation and you will always be in trend.


I created a very understandable instruction for you and everyone who wants to create your blog and set it up for work and make money.

You will get a step-by-step guide with video instructions and a complete set of blogging tools.

In the form of a bonus, there will be additional marketing tools like an autoresponder, video hosting, a refreshed room for webinars.

Build your blog in 1 hour and set it up to earn:

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Voice Tweet feature introduced in Twitter




Twitter has launched the Voice Tweet feature. There is a limit of 140 seconds. After the limit is over, the next voice tweet will be recorded by itself and will be added to your Twitter thread.

Micro-blogging website Twitter has launched a new feature Voice Tweet. This feature will currently be available for iOS. The company has said that it is initially being launched for limited users.

Twitter says that at times 280 characters are not enough, so the company wants to give more human touch to use Twitter through this feature. So now users will be able to record the tweet in their voice.

The way to use Voice Tweet is the same as you tweet text. For Voice Tweet you have to open Tweet Composer and here you will see a new wavelength icon.

After tapping it, you will get the option to record, during this time your profile photo will be shown in the center and the record button will be shown here. You can send a voice tweet by tapping. One voice after another will be transformed into a tweet thread.

Twitter has said, ‘Each Voice Tweet can record up to 140 seconds of audio. If you have more to say than this, then you keep speaking. After the limit is over, a new voice tweet will start and it will create a thread.

Voice tweets will appear on Twitter’s feed in the same way as common tweets. Tapping on an image to hear a voice tweet.

According to the company, only playback in iOS will start in a new window which will be docked in the bottom of the timeline. That is, while watching other tweets, you can listen to the voice tweet continuously even while scrolling.

Voice tweet will also be of benefit that you will be able to listen to voice tweet even while doing other work. Twitter has said that this feature will be released for all iOS users in the coming weeks.


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What is Blog and how to do Blogging?



Friends, in this post today, we will talk about the blog and learn how we can earn money through blogging and I will try to answer all the questions that arise in your mind by reading this post,  if you  work online If you want to earn money, then you have come to the right place to say that there are many ways to earn money from the Internet, but there are many ways which are completely fake.
When you work on such a fake way, then you cannot achieve anything and you feel that money cannot be made from the internet, friends, in this post we will talk about such methods which in today’s time Everyone is earning money by working on what is called Blogging, so let’s first understand what is Blogging, Blog, and Blogger.
What is Blog

What is a blog?

Blog is a product of Google that works like a website, it is a free service provided by Google, through the blog, you can share your things with the whole world.
Like when we post a post on Facebook , that post is limited to a few people, but your post written on the blog reaches every person who searches about it on Google.
If put in plain words, Blog is a website that can be created absolutely free of cost and Google has made its interface in such a way that everyone can easily use it and the way a website works, it can work like this Can be brought into.

What is blogging?

What is blogging?
Creating a blog, posting posts on it every day, publishing and designing it properly is called Blogging, on Blog we can write on any topic and at the same time step into the world of Internet, you can also earn money online through Blog. Like many people are making money

What is blogger?

The person who makes a blog and blogging on it, shares a post every day and talks to people to connect with them, he is a blogger.
After reading all these, some such questions come to your mind, so let’s see your questions and their answers.

Can I earn from Blogging? How?

Can I earn from Blogging? How?
Ans- Yes, you can earn money by creating a blog, first of all, you  have to create a blog by going to and write a post on it every day when people will like your post and many people on your blog. If you start coming, you can start making money by adding your blog with Google Adsense.

How does blog will look a like?

Ans- When you create your blog, then its interface looks like this, which contains some kind of category, due to which the blog is worked and which looks exactly like the website.

Which subject to choose for blogging?

Ans- You can do blogging on any subject like sports, sports, entertainment, health, technology, whatever subject you are interested in, you can create your own blog and website of the same kind.

How it cost to make a Blog?

Ans- No, it is absolutely free, it does not cost any money.
If you still have any question, then write in the comment box, you will definitely get the answer to your question and yes friends, by making a blog and posting on it, you have to make some kind of setting in it and make your blog accessible to the people. For that, he has to link to google like a website and somehow has to do something.
In order to work on both blogging and website, we have to walk step by step on the Internet, you will not find any website that tells you what to do after creating a blog, but I will tell you step by step what to do first. What to do after that and what to do after that, from the beginning to the end and the journey from Google Adsense to root your blog easily.
So friends, as a blogger, I understand that if you want to blogging, first get information about the blogging course, just by making a blog and writing a poster on it, you cannot make your blog popular nor money Can earn.
We hope that you have liked this article of ours and you must have found it, so if you like our article, then share it with your friends on social media and if you have any questions, then comment us.
To get every information in simple language in Hindi, like our Facebook page where you are provided with the right information, click here to like our Facebook page .

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